Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So we live in Chicago. Seasons are a part of life. As are frigid bone chilling cold and snow. Lots of snow.

As a child I would often wake up early in the morning before school to get an hour of playing in the snow in. I lived for it. sledding skiing skating snowmen all of it...even fact even now the only thing I dislike about snow is driving in it... and cleaning the car when I cannot reach all the way.. I have such wonderful memories of playing in the snow until my mother forced me to come in.

My kids it seems are the same. princess and stinky did a victory several laps around the house shouting 'wooohooo' at the top of their lungs when I told them we were going to go out. My ears are filled with the joyful shrieks of my kids enjoying the amazing thing that is snow.

I'll never be to old to sled down a hill and make snow angels...


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

You may never be too old to play in the snow, but you certainly can be too big...all 30 weeks of baby inside you can make it mighty hard to bend down and roll a ball for a snowman-I know from experience. :)

Just Me said...

that was me last year!!! I know the feeling very very well

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