Nails on a chalkboard

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is that not one of the most intolerable sounds in the world?

Another one? Kids grinding their teeth. It makes my skin crawl. Why, WHY? Are they stressed? Do I need to introduce daily relaxation?

Pixie does it with her newly erupted front teeth. I am afraid she is going to wear them down to little nubs. Peas does it with her molars. Princess and Stinky did it as well although for the most part that particular phase seems to have passed- thank heavens.

Talking to a baby and telling her that grinding her teeth is not a particularly attractive habit is not particularly fruitful but the sound....ackkkk sends shivers up my spine.


Megan said...

OOhhh - I hate that one, too! They do it so hard I am always afraid they will break those teeth. And when I tell them not to, they laugh and do it more!

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