Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are three letters that preemie parents live in fear of. From mid September until May every sniffle that enters our home I am wary of.

RSV in an older healthy child or an adult is a nasty cold. In a baby especially preemies RSV is much much more serious sometimes even fatal.

Last week Princess got a cold. I assume she picked up from ballet or from friends. Stinky got it, Peas got it, now Pixie has it.

She can't understand why she doesn't feel good. You can her her chest rattle when she breaths and the croupy cough that shakes her. Pixie gets offended whenever I wipe her nose and fusses in protest- unfortunately it is necessary to wipe, and wipe and wipe.

Right now I'd do just about anything to cheer her up to make her smile. It is so sad to see her not feeling good and wanting nothing more than to snuggle to get some small comfort from mama's snuggles.

But because of her preemie status I still am watching her carefully making sure that this cold does not turn fast into something bigger.


Linda Henderson said...

My granddaughter was born very premature at 23 weeks and spent 4 months in the NICU. Last winter, her first winter, we didn't take her anywhere and if my other grandkids were sick they couldn't be around her. She got the shots through part of the winter, then their insurance changed and they couldn't afford to pay for them. It was a very stressful winter. Hopefully she won't need them this winter, their insurance still sucks.

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