Aaaaand We're back

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have not dropped off the the face of the earth. I had surgery.

If you have been reading for the past few months you no doubt know that I have have had the added fun of kidney stones, obstructions, several ER visits, even more procedures.

My local hospital could not handle my case as it was complicated with my clotting disorder, and an apparent UPJ obstruction. So I was sent to University of Chicago to the king of kidney stones.

My sister and I met the doctor and I was scheduled for surgery four days later, a PCNL was scheduled.

Monday I had the surgery. Today is Wednesday- I am really not sure of what happened in between then and now- but from what I have been told- that is a good thing.

What I can say is right now I am damn miserable. I am in a lot of pain. Moving is hard sitting still is hard.

My throat is sore from having been intubated, my back hurts from surgery, I just want to sleep.


Heather said...

Go to sleep and stop blogging woman! ;)

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