Peas Speech

Friday, August 27, 2010

Peas, while the definition of a spirited child, does not talk much. She says few words, but the ones she says she says very well.

However- we have been struggling with some frustration related tantrums. She has wants and needs and thoughts to communicate, and she can't. Then she rightly so- gets pissed. If I wanted to tell someone I needed xyz and I couldn't I would be frustrated too! It is also frustrating on this end. I want to help her. I want to meet all of her needs, but I cannot read minds.

So I set up an Early Intervention speech evaluation for her. That was today. She qualifies for speech therapy. But I have reservations which may not be founded.

Peas has NO comprehension issues, and no developmental issues- just this speech thing. She also has two older siblings who 'talk for her'. She has no real need to talk- they do it for her. The therapist mentioned that as she is so advanced in other areas and just delayed here- maybe getting her into a school setting away from her siblings, where she has to talk would allow her to flourish. I tend to agree. She could have the chance to blossom into her own little girl, make friends and learn to talk.

Well we'll see.


Tricia said...

Tommy was like this 30% delayed just speech- nothing else. We elected to wait it out, as we weren't eligible for any insurance coverage or anything and would have had to pay the therapists ourselves. He just bloomed about 2 and now has no trouble at all. Good luck, so frustrating for you both!

Heather said...

My daughter (my oldest) did this too, at 24 months her *receptive* language tested at 36 months or higher (the test only goes up to 36 months) but her *expressive* language was that of a 14 month old. She knew everything (like colors, letters, etc) but couldnt say more than 10 words. She got in home speech therapy for 9 months then went to a phonological class (for kids with speech only issues) then got kicked out after a year at age 4, then went to kdg at 5.5 yrs then they say she needs speech again. Go figure!! Thankfully my younger 2 are excellant talkers and we dont have to deal with it again but definitely get the is FREEEEEEE!!

Momma!!! said...

My girlfriend's youngest is getting speech therapy too with a similar story to Peas (youngest, older siblings speak for her, jump to help her, don't give her chances to use her words, etc). She has a handful of words between spoken and signing but her comprehension is fabulous. I'm sure EI will help Peas out too!

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