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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have heard of the terrible twos. I kind of expected hard times during the two year old time. True to the stereotype- it is like he looked at the calender and noticed they were two and decided to live it up.

See then when age three hit- I thought I was home free. Maybe there would be such a radical behavior change back to the nice child that I previously knew. Stinky just got more stubborn.

I thought "four- this has got to be it, sweet child will be back". Or not. In the past few months we have been dealing with the hardest behavior of all. I have been at my wits end several times- and called friends in utter desperation. Many glasses of wine have been consumed in an effort to remind myself that I am the grown-up. My job as a mama is to model and teach how to handle all sorts of situations, even frustration.

Here I will admit to losing my temper. I have not been as good as a model mama as I should be.

Today was a rough go- but I had a few realizations: Stinky needs to run around and get energy out. I was about ready to cry for most of the morning until I decided to go out side and 'wash the bad mood off of us' so we had a hose fight- and within half an hour my son had gone from a whiny unkind boy to the sweet loving boy I adore.

Then a light bulb when on in my head: we started having issues almost at the same time as my kidney issues started and I was in too much pain to run around with him and play actively like I normally do. So I am going to have to suck up pain and get out and be active in the interest of all of our sanity.


Michelle Martin said...

Doesn't sound so much like a naughty boy as one with excess energy. And he probably misses the mama who would run around. But you need to take care of you, too. Maybe play "catch" and he can bring you the ball? (Yes, it sounds like fetch -- but he's doing all the running).

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