Neighborhood Spirit

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To be honest I have no idea if block parties are a Midwestern phenomena but everywhere I have lived has had one. When I was a kid I looked forward to the block party from the beginning of summer. Block parties were super fun. Everyone brought food out, grown ups talked, kids played, and the best part- the street was blocked off so we could ride are bikes in the street.

As a kid I got to stay up later and play with the neighborhood kids and have a great time dancing and playing. We lived in an 'old fashioned' neighborhood though- neighbors were friends and we genuinely cared about each other.

I was thrilled when I learned that this neighborhood had the vibe of being 'old fashioned' when we were moving in our neighbor congregated on our driveway to welcome is and introduce themselves, the offered wheelbarrows, beer, whatever. When Billy got hurt they came to our rescue. I would be happy to help them out anyway I can. In general I consider them friends. We look out for one another.

So it was not really a surprise when we had a block party. The old school party- everyone brings a dish to pass, pulls out their grills, blasts music, and has a good time. So much fun.

We got a moon jump for the kids, a keg for the adults, had a bonfire, some neighbors brought out temporary tattoos for the kids, and games (with prizes) for the kids, older kids rode their bikes in the streets, and danced in disco lights when the sun went down. I sat out and chatted and learned I had a lot in common with some of our neighbors.

I am proud of of neighborhood. I am proud of our neighbors.


Sarah H said...

Cute pictures!! Funny enough I have never lived in a neighborhood that did block parties. They sound fun.

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