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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have had enough. Fucking-enough already.

This week alone we have had my kidney issues, Pixie in the hospital, a friend's baby dying, and countless other things have happened to people I know- so much loss so much sadness, so much so much- too much.

The passing of the baby has touched me in a way that I did not expect. It has touched me in a way I did not know could happen. I find myself thinking of them constantly. "My eyes leaking tears when I think I am done crying" to quote J, but still true. I look at my children as the blessings they are. I am reminded of their miraculous existence.

As a mother- I can empathize with the smallest smallest sliver of pain that she is experiencing. Obviously, my grief for them is nothing compared to what the parents are enduring, if I am this sad for them- the anguish that they are experiencing I can only imagine to be excruciating.

What to do. What to do for them to tell them that I am thinking of them; that their little perfect boy, has touched so many people. That so many are praying for them to ease their pain, to help them find comfort in the love and prayers of the thousands who are praying for them.

I do not know if this woman reads this blog. But if she does, I hope she understands that my thoughts and prayers are with her.

Please readers- pray for this family. Please, please pray for them.


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