Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sitting in the hospital and realizing how awful daytime TV is. I am also thinking about a topic on the Dr. Phil Show.

They are discussing about being short as a parents worst nightmare and about discrimination that go with short stature.

I was baffled by this. Short as a "worst nightmare"? really? if that is your worst nightmare then well be thankful. Be very very thankful. I make jokes about it..."I am TSA approved" or "Travel sized for convenience".

I am short. It can be annoying- but it is not a nightmare it just is. I was always the shortest in class and I was not teased anymore than anyone else, as I can recall (but my memory is admittedly sketchy at best).

My kids are very much gifts. Events have helped me see that. They are short too- I can think of about a hundred other nightmares that are way worse than being short.
The show discussed how a kid could not play sports because of his height. I don't buy it. If there is no other complicating factors, why not? I am athletic and short. Why do you have to be tall to play? The kid's mother was saying that about her child. That made me sad for the child more than anything. Mothers should not be ones to limit their children- especially over arbitrary things- telling them not to run in the road is one thing but I can't see telling my children that they are too short to play a sport. Mothers should nurture their children's authentic selves and help them grow and develop a strong sense of self and self worth- not undermine it by telling them they are too short.

Being short has not made me feel discriminated against- no more than being blond and blue eyed has made me feel discriminated against. I have people think I am younger than I am- I can deal with that. I get carded buying drinks- I can deal with that. In my mind that is not discrimination.

Good things come in short packages.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

I am 5' 3" and my sister is 5' 1" and every time she goes to the doctor to get her daughter checked up she worries about her daughter's height. So far her daughter is over 50% for height and my sister is thrilled about that because as my sister says she doesn't want her daughter to be "short like her". And i just don't get it. I'm a few inches taller, yes, but i am pretty sure i am technically short. I have never once, not for one second, thought about my height. not even when i am reaching for something up high. i don't get it...maybe i'm just barely tall enough to be past the worry of being short, but seriously, i do not get the obsession some have w/ being short...

Just Me said...

I am shorter than your sister and I hardly think of it. I can climb really well.. so that is bonus.

It baffles me.

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