A lot to say

Friday, August 6, 2010

I have a lot to say today...

But I want to start out with the feelings of thankfulness and gratitude that I am experiencing now.

Now. On to business.

My mother in law did something incredibly nice for me last weekend and I have not stopped thinking about it, she is helping me again this weekend and she offered to take a day off work to watch the kids on Friday when Pixie was in the hospital. Granted someone else ticked me off but- her offering to take a day to take care of my kids really touched me.

If you know the history here- pick your jaws up off of the ground now. We have not always gotten along- FAR from it- but over the years I have grown to see that her way of expressing caring is not the same as mine but- she loves my kids with every bit of her.

That is a gift. When my children are with her I know they are loved and cherished and spoiled rotten- like any grandparent should do.

So yah- over time- she has become more than B's mother. She has become part of my family.

(no I am not drunk. no, I have not taken any pain pills- just certain events lately have reminded me like a brick to the head how blessed I truly am)

I swear I am not drunk


Mary said...

blessings on you and our extended famly. A loving grandparent is one of the very best things that a child can have.

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