It takes a village

Monday, August 23, 2010

Or a major metropolitan area.

I joke when I say I am an "almost single mom", in truth I am a never single mom. Sure- there is not a husband waltzing in the door at 5 p.m. to provide back up, but that does not mean I am in this alone.

My friends are the best in the friend business and I have no idea how to repay them; I am just so so thankful for their help. Seriously, I could use ideas here.

Also my family has been phenomenal. From helping me get to a doctor appointment without losing my mind, to providing moral support so I do not burst into hysterics at "hello" my sister has been there for me.

My parents, well. Wow. I do not know what to say. They have done more than I could ever have imagined. Again, saying "thank-you" seems so so inadequate- but Thank you.

Thank you so so much.


Megan said...

It's wonderful to have such a great family and friends. I'm sure they know how thankful you are!

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