its so quiet here

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well it stands to reason, I am down three kids. I have only one here, Pixie. The older ones went to my parents house for three days. I may lose my mind. Three days. Three endless days.

Sure they are loud. Very very loud, and I wish from time to time (everyday) for some peace and quiet. Now that I have it, I am restraining myself from hopping in the minivan and going to get them because, crap it is QUIET here. It is also dull. No princesses or dragons running through the living room. It totally makes me appreciate them in a huge new way- that that is a gift in itself. I am able to see more clearly how much my kids add to my life. How blessed I am to have them.

Pixie is at a loss too. There is not endless entertainment or someone to play with- and as a playmate- I kinda suck.

There have been times, not that in frequently that I am wishing for a vacation with no kids. I couldn't do it. Being honest with myself- I just couldn't do it. I would miss my them far too much. It is like part of my body is missing.

So I love them. I love them so very much


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Is peas done nursing then? I think if you took an actual vacation-went somewhere w/ an agenda and things to do, you'd enjoy it. Sure you'd miss the kids, but you'd have a great time too. Perhaps when they are all whiny, rude teenagers you could appreciate a vacation like that more! lol!

Just Me said...

Peas is not done nursing. That kid is potty trained- but not weaned

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