Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't leave much to the imagination do I?

So yeah. I nurse. A lot, and pump, a lot. I am proud of it.

Today I met my sister to go to a new doctor for my kidney (I totally adore my sister,and feel a whole new level of things in common but that is neither here nor there).

She came down to get me and we went to her desk and she was pumping- at her desk. Fine whatever- when I was working I would pump on the way home, in my car, driving.

While it is her business where she pumps I was appalled that her office would not give her a private place to pump- as upon the new health care law passing employers in ALL states are required to- neither a bathroom stall nor a cube count as a private place according to federal law. If you want check out this site for the United States Breastfeeding Committee.

While making waves may not be her style; or anyone's style it makes me so mad, and as I am on a 'mad' streak right now- I'll just include her office in the ever growing list of things I am perturbed about.

I have nursed everywhere- if I go- my kids go- if a baby gets hungry I whip 'em out and feed the hungry person (or scared, or hurt, or child in need of comfort- heaven help me when I start offering milk to adults who are upset). Admittedly, I have not received much negative feedback about nursing my kids, I have gotten rude stares, too which, I stare back. But, the chiding or mean comments have not come my way which, I suppose is a good thing for everyone involved.

My sister recently blogged about breastfeeding and her tween son's reaction to it. I must say, I am proud of her for raising him in an environment where he sees breastfeeding as feeding a baby. Not as odd or gross- just food- for a baby.

Today for example- I nursed in the doctors office. With the doctor there, discussing my kidney issues. Both doctors were wonderful about it. They did not get my hungry child a second look other to comment on how adorable she is- and she is adorable.


Megan said...

Good for you! I too, am a nurser. I nurse well into toddlerhood, and I tend to do it whenever, where ever, though I do try to be as discreet as possible. I also have a tween son (12) who doesn't even blink when I am nursing. He's so used to it, it doesn't even register. I think that's great, and I pray that it gives him a healthy, more natural, less sexual outlook on breasts in general. Maybe he will be a husband who likes them, but understands the fundamental purpose is to feed the child. Just like his dad. I hope is someday wife appreciates it!
Have you ever used breastmilk as a treatment for anything, such as an infection? I have been using just a few drops a few times a day in my toddler's ear as a way to treat a suspected ear infection. I read about this on another blog the other day. It seems to have cleared the infection already! It's only been 24 hours! What's your take?

rachel... said...

Good for you! And your sister! I say, if her company's not providing a private area for her, let her pump at her desk or right in the reception area of her office for all the world to see! :)

My kids don't bat an eyelash at me or any other woman nursing, either. I have had *other* kids at my home who, upon seeing me nurse, ask: "Why don't you just give him a bottle?" Gr. Of course, I answer: "Because this is the BEST way for baby's to eat..."

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