baby snuggles

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pixie is not so much a baby anymore- she is a toddler. Independent explorer. But in the morning she still will climb on my lap for snuggles.

I will never get tired of her snuggles.

Her eyes are an amazing gray blue that sparkle with love and life.

She has lost the new baby smell but has her own scent that I love to just drink in as I kiss her forehead.


Eva Gallant said...

That was a sweet post and brings back memories of when my boys would snuggle! (of course, now they are both pushing 40)

Sarah said...

How precious. Nice to read a short and sweet post like this! I can relate with my 17 month old!
Sarah @ madeinusachallenge

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love each stage my loves live through. They are 19, almost 14 and 10 now. How did this happen?! And y'know, they each and all still enjoy a snuggle from time to time... even my son who has autism.

(Thank goodness for a lovely, huggy Mommy!)

Congrats for your feature on CommentHour last night!

Cheryl Lage said...

You have such beautiful children...DO drink them in...

You have a lovely blog as well. :)

Thank you so much for popping by Twinfatuation today...I hope you will come by often!

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