A chicken with a neck

Friday, August 12, 2011

As a mother of 4 I do a lot of laundry. I cook a lot of food. I clean more than is reasonable. It is pretty much all the same.

Today, I pulled a chicken out and was getting it ready to stick in the oven. The bag of innards was being stubborn so I turned the chicken around to see if I could push it through any easier than pulling. When I turned it over I saw what I thought was a really floppy wing in the wrong place- like a mutant chicken.

It was the neck. The chicken still its neck.. Its head was gone but the neck and bones and skin were still there. Chickens have a longer neck than I would have expected.

You know that roaring in your ears and the watery mouth that you get before you vomit? Yeah, I got that. I had to sit. The next dilemma: what to do with my headless (but not neckless chicken)?

Further butchering seemed to be unnecessary. So I plopped the bird neck tucked under it, into the pan, seasoned it, and roasted it.

That was not before I called about 10 people to tell them about the chicken with a neck. This was the most exciting thing to happen in my life in a few weeks. Yep- a chicken. With a neck. I took a picture. I emailed it to my mom (wow, my life is really dull- huh) I emailed my mother a photo of a chicken with its neck. Whats next an apple with leaves?

As I stood at the stove making gravy I realized something- that my suburban housewife bliss- is really really fucking boring and clearly, I need to get out more.

Vegetarians Beware- photo below (a crappy camera phone photo)


Karen said...

I was doin' fine reading, thinking well goodness, at least it's not a mutant chicken....'cause then I'd wonder just how much asbestos was in it's feed and oh goodness, just how much does that mean we're eating...at least it's not a mutant. All my mutant thoughts came after my No Hands Inside a Dead Bird policy flashed through my head, but before I thought that at least it's a neck...that's *outside* the body, not inside and consequently, not a violation of said policy.

Then I saw the picture. I think I need to ammend my dead bird policy.

And no, I'm not a vegetarian. I've even seen my close friend plucking the last of the pin feathers off of a turkey in my kitchen sink for a Friendsgiving one year. But, I don't remember a neck. But, then again, maybe that's why I wasn't cooking! ;> :>

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Ugh, I would have needed to sit a spell, too! Ha! Thanks for coming by on my SITS day.

Just Me said...

lol I am glad I am not the only one put off by this!

I almost opened a box 'o'wine

Penelope said...

Blech…yeah (and that photo kind of kicked up my morning sickness!)

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