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Monday, August 8, 2011

I do not like most breakfast food. I just don't.

That is not to say that I do not eat breakfast. Recently, I found out why I may avoid breakfast foods.

It has come to our attention that when Stinky eats gluten he gets a plaque on his scalp, Peas has issues when she eats gluten too.

We took a gluten free diet for a spin and had interesting results. Peas screamed a lot less and Stinky's head cleared up among other things.

Then I ate gluteny goodness at the kids birthday party. My tummy hurt so so bad for a few days.

At the next appointment at the doc we were chatting and it came up that I did not like breakfast foods...she had a revelation. I was self limiting foods that my body had a hard time digesting. I don't like milk either and I have a hard time handling that.

This led to an important change in thinking for me. When my kids "don't like" something I try and convince them to eat it, instead of respecting their bodies. Maybe they are self limiting also? Something to consider.


Morgan said...

Isn't food weird? We have struggled off and on with food & tummy trouble ... sometimes our tummies know best!

Visiting from SITS :)

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