My mom rocks

Saturday, August 27, 2011

In my drugged stupor I am singing it to the Drew Carey Show theme "Cleveland Rocks" clearly pain pills affect my sanity.


she does.

when we got home from the hospital I kind of waved and went to bed. My arm was numb and floppy.

I attempted eating, and puked, I attempted water, and puked.

As miserable as that was, and believe me it was, I did not have to worry about the kids. I did not have to worry about getting them fed, or dressed, or watching out for them I could focus on my aim at the toilet.

To be honest, I have no idea how she does it. She is amazing. She comes in and in some sort of flurry she leaves behind her a trail or organization and cleanliness. It is kind of scary. I have watched her and I am really not sure how she does it. It is like a miracle of some sort.

Tonight, she reorganized my refrigerator, after taking all of the shelves out and cleaning the darn thing out. She is just amazing.

When I was a teenager and a kid she did not seem nearly as awesome, how wrong I was.

Now the crappy parts. I feel like I will never be the great mother she is. I will never be able to go into a room and get it put in order in a heartbeat. I can't organize or clean like that. She is so much nicer than me. I feel like I can never measure up. But, I want to. I wish I could.


Lisa said...

Hi. Just found your blog. I think our moms have a lot in common. My mom came to visit me for two weeks, and when she left I didn't know how to function anymore. I tried to keep up with everything like she had done, but then I remembered that I was just one person. My mom is like three people. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

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