Mosquito Bites and Skinned Knees

Friday, August 5, 2011

My kids are covered in mosquito bites and skinned knees.

It is summer- bruises, scabs and mosquito bites are par for the course here.

When I had Pixie at the doctor he laughed at her knees both with scabs and bruises dotting her legs. He said clearly she was an active girl. She is. She thinks the TV is a climbing wall.

We have been through a box of band-aids this summer. Some of them were even necessary (my children have some sort of weird fascination with them)

All of the kids have hair three shades lighter than normal and tan lines marking where their bathing suits sit.

They are always a little dirty as most of the time is spent outside playing something building a fort or a fairy bower.

Summer can be so much fun!


trininista said...

Those were the best times for me growing up. Let them enjoy it, scrapes and all. So many great memories. Visiting from #commenthour. said...

Sounds like your kiddos are living it up! My son loves him some bandaids too. They are a total fashion statement.


Lizzie said...

I used to love summers spent grazing my knees, climbing things, and coming home covered in grass/mud/water etc. Sounds like they're having the same kinda fun! :)

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