Holiday Treats

Friday, December 9, 2011

The holidays are almost synonymous with special treats and wonderful food. There are some food items that just make the holiday. Would Thanksgiving be the same without a turkey? No. Would Hanukkah be the same without Latkes? No.

As a child my mom would bake holiday cookies, and thankfully she always let me help- even though I am sure I was more of a hindrance. However, I remember making cookie cutter cookies at my little table with my mom and mixing up icing to decorate them with. I remember rolling crescents in powdered sugar and making thimble cookies.

This morning Peas and I made cookie cutter cookies. Well rolled them out and cut them out at least, we made the dough a few days ago. We will decorate them tonight, but for a few minutes I could remember my mother and making cookies. I hope that my kids will look back on it as fondly as I do.


Caren with a "C" said...

Those small simple moments where our parent took time with us I think are the ones we hold on to as the "good times" we think of fondly when we are older. I'm sure your children will too. My kids are always begging to make sugar cookies with the cutters. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Trip Snyder said...

My mom always did this with my brother and I. It is some of my best memories of her. We made the cookies and frosting from scratch, and made all types of cookies. Looking back I think one of the important things was how she didn't criticize us for not having perfect cookies. She even let us color our own frosting, and in hindsight, some may not have looked very appetizing to an adult (think purple and puke green mixed together). But it was time with mommy that encouraged us to be creative, and also to share. We knew that a good portion of our cookies would be given out to neighbors and friends, and that idea of giving felt wonderful!
Love ya Liz!
Keep up the great parenting!

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