Where is the snow?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is December 8th. I live in the Chicago area. There should be snow. Thus far, there have been flurries. Flurries don't count. I want actual stick to the ground, winter wonderland snow.

I hope it will happen soon.

There are snow withdrawls here! I love the season changes, I need them, but I actually need the weather featured in the season. Like this summer when we had 100 degree days, it was awesome. The blizzard last winter: awesome.

Now, SNOW please!


Allison said...

Seriously? You WANT snow? I live in SC and I can't stand snow. The dusting we get is more than enough. Last year we had 6-8 inches and it was awful. You can keep your snow up north. I like my 60 degree Decembers!

Foodnatic said...

Yeah...I'm sittin' up here in Canada twiddlin' my thumbs. The Air Force moved us from Oklahoma to Canada this past summer and I am originally from Minnesota...I was super excited at FOUR seasons again instead of JUST summer. But snow just has NOT made its debut. I'm starting to worry. I want to take our son sliding, skating, ice fishing and stuff like that. C'mon SNOW! =)

The Dutch Girl said...

I know! I live a few hours north of you and we have nothing up here either. What little we did have has melted away. I want snow, too! My sister-in-law is probably right when she warned me "Be careful what you wish for" but it's time for the white stuff. Bring it on!

Happy SITS Day! Enjoy the comment love today.

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