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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have had the pleasure and privilege of being cared for and having my children cared for by some amazing professionals. I have also had the immense frustration of being cared for and having my children cared for by professionals who are less than great.
I fully believe that all of these people truly wanted the best for everyone. The great professionals take a collaborative approach. We discussed, weighed options and made a plan. The less than ideal professionals were much more of the “I am the doctor/nurse/whatever, and I went to school for this thus I know better”. Maybe for some people, this approach works. Maybe some people find it reassuring. I found it, and continue to find it annoying.
One doctor taught me something amazing: they (doctors, medical professionals) may be the professionals in baby care, medical care etc. but I am the expert in caring for me and my children. The notion that a doctor recognized that I know my children and their individual needs best was fantastic.
This advice is something that all new parents need to learn: you are the expert in your baby. Please take that much to heart.


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