Determined, Persistent, Opinionated

Thursday, April 26, 2012

These are traits of successful people. A person who possess these traits will not let anyone stand in his or her way. The person will achieve what he or she sets out to do and not be anyone's doormat.

I would love my child to be this kind of adult. But... (there is always a but) the mainstream parenting ideals will stomp out these traits and many others from kids. So why is this? How can we expect an adult to have these characteristics if we intentionally discourage and punish them in kids? My kids argue with me, they disagree, and that is fine.  We are different people, we are not going to agree a the time, and they see things from an entirely different perspective. Sometimes, they even convince me- another opinionated and determined person to change my mind. 

As a mother, I realize I do not know everything and am still learning and growing.


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