Do you ever feel like........

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Someone is talking just to you and as much as you sit there trying to "lalalalala" it out with your hands it is just not going to stop until you listen.

This may be in a sermon, or message, or speech, or just through people in day to day life... That G-d is just going to make you see something no matter how you try and block it out- He will not stop until you get it?


That would be happening to me right now.

And it is wonderful. I am learning to find my faith not the faith that I was specifically raised with, but with what resonates with me. 

One of the biggest things that drives me nuts is people who extol how important faith is to them and take no action to back them up or worse yet- take actions that are contradictory to their professed faith.

Faith without action is meaningless.


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