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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'll admit- I am a camera dodger.  More often I am the picture taker.

There are very few pictures of me and there are a couple of reasons for this- most of which are a direct reflection of my own insecurities.

My appearance is a long standing issue.  I have never been happy with it.  My face is too fat, my arms too big, thighs, hips, blah blah...I am working on this and it has gotten better (I still dislike my exceedingly round head though)

I never feel right asking people to take pictures of my children/friends and I.  Like it is selfish or self important to ask someone to do that- why would anyone want a photo of me?

No one really offers to take pictures of the kids and I so there is that as well- and we have even fewer of us as a family.   This makes me sad.  There are not family pictures from holidays-- or even just a fun Saturday.  There are not photos of family traditions.

Growing up, pictures were kind of different, I mean- we had to use film! But other than that, we just didn't have family pictures taken.  I wish we had them.  My mom is beautiful.  I love showing her off.  Even as she ages she has this class and shine about her. I just love that.

Does anyone else feel really weird about asking others to take pictures-- or do people just offer and I am not 'picture material?'



Sandra Kohlmann said...

I absolutely hate asking people to take pictures of me with my kids. Even when somebody offers, I feel weird about it. I'm starting to get over the I-hate-the-way-I-look-in-pictures part of the equation, but getting into the pictures is still a challenge. It doesn't help that our camera super sucks, so most pics are taken with my phone. My husband doesn't have a smartphone, so he is never behind the camera. Boo!

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Lately, I've been hiding from the camera! I just reflected on this on my blog, too! I've challenged myself to actually get in front of the camera even if I don't love how I look! You should do it, too!

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