not such a great class last night

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last night was back to my Monday night class.

I just can't get in a groove there.  I feel really out of place and just ugh. not cool.

Last night the class was really big- which is sometimes really fun, but last night I did not enjoy it.

Thursday's class was  I drove home thrilled so proud of my body so happy to have had the chance to take that class.

For a while I have been down on my body-- hard..
because it is jiggly in places I would not like to be
because my kidney is being a pain
because even my blood can't seem to figure out a reasonable clotting time-- it seems to clot just dandy in things I need and want-- like my lung or my retina-- but my kidney--- no clotting there!

So yeah I am bummed.  I'll be bummed for a bit.. but bounce back. 


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