Happy 3 Pixie!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

How come each day lasts an eternity and each year goes by in a blink??

Today Pixie is 3.  I can hardly believe it! But here we are- 3.

She is exuberant. Full of energy. Has a great sense of humor and is just as mischievous as all of the others.

It is very interesting to see how all of the kids have such different personalities but are so similar. 

Pixie is my little tattoo artist. Anytime she finds a marker she decorates herself- so far we have avoided Sharpies (except for 1 time- if you need to get Sharpie off of skin milk works great)

She is a climber- more than any of the others- which I did not think was possible, I must learn to never tempt fate.

Pixie is smart- she watches everything and learns all of it.

She loves Go, Diego, Go! She has a sense of justice and is upset if she thinks it is not carried out well.
Pixie on the tree stump- believe it or not she had strep, bronchitis, and an ear infection (with a ruptured ear drum) in this picture.  Nothing slows her down!!


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