Be Kind

Monday, November 5, 2012

I get a lot of questions about how I manage 5 kids and what our house rules are.

To be honest-- I really don't have any set house rules.  Most of our 'rules' center around being kind and making safe choices.

To that end, I do not feel it is necessary to make rules.

If we respond with kindness and love what more can I ask?  If we make safe choices what more can I ask? 

My job is to model that.  To respond to them with kindness and understanding and to make choices to keep myself safe.

If I am going to be entirely honest, I screw this up all.the.time.  I get frustrated.  I get exasperated.  I get tired.  I get snappy.  Then I apologize.  I hope and pray that in doing so my kids will learn that kindness is our goal, but even mothers are people- and people make mistakes.

Forgiveness is also part of the deal- they make mistakes, I forgive them. I make mistakes, I ask for forgiveness. 

How much better would our world be if we focused on being kind? To others- family members, friends, or strangers.  Be kind. 


Sandra Kohlmann said...

More kindness is needed in this world. There will never be too much.

Tanya said...

You have some very good points. Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!! I love your header and background!

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