The day Peas attacked the mail carrier

Friday, October 12, 2012

I ordered Peas a dress online.  She helped me pick it out and was very excited to wear it.  Since there were none for Pixie online I went to brick and mortar store to buy one.  Subsequently, I brought it home and Pixie decided to wear it and make her sister intolerably jealous.

-- for those unaware jealousy is a very intense feeling for a 4 year old girl, especially, when she in general has the emotional intensity of a hurricane--

She began asking immediately if her dress had come. over. and over. and over.  After telling her the mail carrier would be bringing her dress she began stalking the mail trucks and accosting the mail carriers like a puppy; meeting them on the neighbors yard, asking if the dress was there.

For the first few days it was ok, cute even, to see Peas run out eagerly and ask to have the ever patient mail carrier say, "no, not yet, maybe tomorrow".  For the first few days she was okay about it, then she got mad.

"Where is my dress???!!?!?!?" she would wail and as she got more irritated I began to hope that the dress would make a miraculous appearance.  I also began to worry for the mail carrier's safety- for a 4 year old, Peas is quite determined.

Of course the day the costume arrived we were at the zoo and then lunch.

When we returned- a box on the door-step... a glorious box! In it the much anticipated dress.  The mail carrier can live to see another day.  

**in case it is not obvious this is written tongue and cheek** 


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