compassionate peas

Monday, March 18, 2013

Peas is pretty sensitive and compassionate.  For a 5 year old she displays shocking empathy. 

She also worries a lot.  When I was pregnant with LittleDude she was terrified.  She believed that we would be getting rid of Pixie and getting a new baby. It took her a while to realize that we would not get rid of anyone- we were just adding a new baby to our family.  Once she got that she was exc suited and happy again. 

I had wrist surgery to try and fix my wrist and she was so scared that the doctor would cut off my arm.  Peas was so relieved to see I had both arms when I got home.

It must have been so scary for her to worry about those things.  I am glad that she could tell me though and trust me to help reassure her.  


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