hurt feelings

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lately, I have been noticing that I have had my feelings hurt a lot more.  Could I be getting more sensitive?

Not feelings crushed hurt- but feelings of exclusion and "ouch- that stung".

Do you get your feelings bruised? Do you take it up with the person? Brush it off? Have a less than mature passive aggressive attitude? I am unsure in these waters, and need advice.

I mean, as much as it would be awesome, I can't just stomp my foot and storm off in a huff.  a) it is hard to do on facebook- the foot stomping loses something in the text b) with my luck I'd step on a lego c) stomping off is not the most mature way of dealing.

For Goodness sake.  I am 31 years old- I thought the stupid hurt feelings things would be long gone by now.  My 8 year old can fight with her friend over cursive writing and its normal- me getting ruffled feathers over an insignificant thing is not so ok.


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