Pixie Perspective

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pixie may be petite but there is nothing petite about her personality.

She lets no one push her around.  She does what she wants when she wants and she has a killer sense of humor.

Pixie- is also extremely compassionate.  When LittleDude is upset she will sing to him, give him kisses, or tackle him in a full body hug.

She loves to paint.  She loves to jump. She can bring brightness to any day.  Pixie- is quite the dare devil.

A few weeks ago she had her head stitched up because she was playing "Brave" and she was Merida and ran straight into a table.  Despite the copious blood, she was brave- just like Merida.

And no, she has not stopped running in the house.

Day before yesterday she was climbing up the stairs on the 3 in- on the OTHER side of the railing. Balencing perilously above a several ft fall onto more stairs.  She said "thats okay mama, my muscles are strong"

What a character.  I have to wonder what the work looks like from her perspective.  One big game to play? Lots of friends to make? A giant jungle gym? Three year old kids are kind of magical that way. 


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