Leave my kids alone, thanks!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I took my kids to the zoo today with some friends- while there we stopped at a playground and some lady was hanging around Pixie watching to make sure she did not fall.

I tend towards the more attachment parenting, natural consequences, free range parenting.

Pixie- is a very competent kid.  She can climb almost anything.  I call her my mountain goat. She is confident in her abilities and is surprisingly skilled! But she would not have gotten that way had I hovered over her.

Pixie was, quite capably, climbing up a climbing wall to a play structure.  Sure, they have fallen, skinned knees, bruises and a little banged up.  She has however learned her limits.  She has learned she is capable.  

I was watching- from the side though, if she needed me, I would be there. 

Pixie can do all of these things because no one has told her she 'can't'  You'd be amazed what kids can do when you let them.

Natural consequences allows her to learn a cause and effect relationship of her choices and it gives her a sense of efficacy in her world.

This woman though was just shadowing her.  I understand it was coming from a place of concern.  Is there a polite way to say something?


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