Pole is my home

Monday, August 5, 2013

No mater what things are happening that are stressing me out- I can walk into the studio and feel a weight lift from my shoulders.

My grandma died and I was stressed.  In a crappy mood, I considered not going to class because I was in such and awful mood.  That would have been the worst decision ever.  I got there and was able to forget for a bit. My anxiety calmed. My eye stopped twitching. 

It was amazing to feel the freedom and channel my nervous energy into something.  Endorphins are a real thing people!

I used to get the same sense of freedom from horseback riding and running but lately I have been able to channel my feelings into dance and tricks more than ever.

After class, I walked out the studio door, sore, bruised (good bruised), and smiling. 


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