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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I would be kidding myself if I said that I am not thrilled that people read my blog.
It is flattering- and I love it.

But I want to make my blog 'professional' looking. Maybe polished is a better word. Organized in a way that makes sense with 'feed burners' integrated, and subscriptions, twitter, rss feeds, blog rolls, etc all in a comprehensive way. I am way way over my head. I have no freaking clue what I am doing. It may as well be in Greek for as much sense as it makes to me.

I must have missed something somewhere about how to make all of it fit together.

any advice?


Momma!!! said...

All I know is the basics of HTML manipulation (mainly I tweek buttons, images on my sidebars, etc). I need to brush up my VERY POOR photoshop skills to finally do my own banner and all that stuff first). Maybe we should get a small group together to do some sharing of information?!

Just Me said...

You are wayyyyyyy ahead of me! but I like the idea! a bloggy gtg!

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