Peas has met her match.....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My parents got a new puppy- a chocolate lab. He is three months old now and he his a puppy puppy who loves loves to play. My parents adore him but do not play as much as he would like.

He has met his match in Peas. She has the energy of an Energizer Bunny on espresso mixed with speed and so does he. She pranced and ran for hours and he followed her. He jumped and pranced and kissed her with the gusto of a puppy... tail wagging a hundred times a minute. She squealed and giggled her contagious giggle shrieking with laughter which fed Gus's excited play.

Peas finally may have met her match in playfulness in him. She ran up to him giggled and turned around and flitted away enticing him to follow her. Gus tired before she did flopping on the floor under the table admitting exhaustion before Peas had had her fill they are a match made in play heaven.


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