Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I need someone to bribe me. I bribe my children. I'll admit it. If it makes getting something done easier- yes- I bribe them... "ok its time to go now, lets go get a cookie" is one of the more commonly heard refrains in my house. Is it bad parenting?? Eh maybe. Lazy parenting, yes, yes it is and I can deal with that.

But it WORKS. When I have four kids that I need to move from a to b sometimes the path of least resistance is the choice I'll make.

As I sat at home today, convincing myself that I really really needed to run a few errands, working up the energy to go. I realized that it would be really nice if someone bribed me to do something. "Come on- go to Trader Joe's, you can get a cookie..." then I thought, heck- If I want a cookie, I can get a darn cookie, THREE cookies even. Heck, I'll eat the whole bag if I want. But that would not get me the groceries.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a little encouragement? Just some impetus to get moving.... But cookies I do not think will cut it.


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