A Big Picture

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sometimes the way G-d works in life is truly amazing.  There have simply been too many coincidences that have happened for it to be just one big game of chance.  A a wise man once said, "a coincidence is a miracle when G-d chooses to remain anonymous".

My relationship with G-d has been superficial mostly.  I pray- of course- but my prayers were inconsistent.  There are very few specific prayers I like- I love the prayer of St. Francis.

For a former Catholic School student I have read appalling little of the Bible.  I have memorized absolutely no verses.

A great friend invited me to do a Bible Study with her.  I have never really read the Bible- and that which I did read was read like any other book.  I certainly am not a good candidate for a Bible study.

Showing up at this Bible study was baffling.  There were people who were actually planning on memorizing a whole book in the Bible.  I cannot even remember my neighbors phone number.  No, I will not be memorizing the book.

I have been searching for how to bring G-d into my daily life as opposed to one hour on the Sunday.  If we are to honor G-d and serve Him- shouldn't that be kind of a regular thing?  Shouldn't that be a focus rather than an after thought?

The way that G-d has brought some amazing and brilliant people into my life at the perfect time is remarkable, and I am so very thankful for the opportunities I have been given to deepen my connection with G-d.

I am still searching form my home faith.  I am learning more about what it is at least. 


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