All in a days work

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"can we get rid of some of these bags?" ~Almostsingle Husband
"Why do you always pick on my bags?" ~Almostsinglemom

I'll admit that I save gift bags.. hoard maybe. But they had been in the basement closet for a long time where we generally put stuff that has no other home

They were in their home (maybe taking over like an invasive species)

Somehow weeding out the bags turned into cleaning out that closet- and the crawl space

Then the dog (White Fang)got out (because the dog always gets out) she was caught thanks to the fast feet of almost single husband and my remarkable ability to get 5 kids buckled in the car with 2 dog leashes and phones and on the way in 5 minutes. 

White Fang was caught a block from home trying to kill herself crossing the road. 

Princess wept over animal rights.

Peas had a tantrum or epic (even for her) over a pickle which probably scared our neighbors.

And now it is lunch time.


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