Inside the mind of anxiety

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh mental health....why must you require such diligence.

I am very prone to anxiety.  I can leap to an absolute catastrophe in my head in minutes- ok more like seconds.  When I am having anxiety issues I am very irritable.  This is good for no one.

My prescription for my meds ran out not that long ago and I thought it is 19 days... I can make it through 19 days. I was so so so very wrong.

Aside from the physical issues associated with suddenly stopping medication I was batshit insane, and this is an insult to bats (sorry).  Headaches. Crabby.  Over-reactions. Not to mention my dear friend the eating disorder was right there to greet me.

Yesterday, after deciding I could not put myself or my family through another day of crazy mama- and begged for more meds.  I promised I would keep my appointment but I needed something to get me through.

Thankfully, my doctor understood.  She called back to say the prescriptions had been called in. I did a happy dance and flew to the pharmacy.

Of course- the pharm tech only heard ONE of the prescriptions being called in- there should have been TWO. I almost died. Sweet relief was coming to be snatched away from me.  The pharmacy agreed to call my doctor-- lo and behold-- there SHOULD have been two scripts not just one.  Got home and took my meds in a few days I should see some improvement.

Moral of the story: Going off meds is a BAD idea.  Second: know your meds- your pharmacy may not. 


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