Flip flops, stillettos, and climbing fences.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

White Fang- our Siberian Husky has a penchant for escape.  She considers it an art form perhaps.

Whenever she is inside she is begging to go outside.  Whenever she is outside she is either attempting to escape or sunning herself

We put in a new fence, put in an electric fence and have tethered her in an attempt to keep the dog contained, with limited success.

She knows how to open the screen door and nose open the bigger door if it is slightly ajar. 

Friday night, most of my family was out to dinner. Princess was at a birthday party. 

After buckling LittleDude in his seat, I went to put the dogs in their 'house'- crate- White Fang ran for it.  Out the door and to the fence. 

I called for her unsuccessfully from the backyard, but heard her collar so I knew she was close. 

Here is where the lesson comes in.  Climbing a fence in flip-flops is not a good idea. There is limited traction and there is limited stability to be had leading to unnecessary injuries.

Thank Heavens our neighbors helped me get her back.

The show would repeat the following day while I was wearing stilettos- again- not a wise footwear choice. 


Anonymous said...

I call my son the little dude too!
I have had to chase my dogs in odd footwear but never climb a fence that way!

misssrobin said...

It's all about proper equipment, isn't it. But climbing a fence bare footed hurts. Good luck!

Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day.

Melissa Bedell said...

I can't imagine climbing a fence in flip flops OR stilettos! More power to you!

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