Monday, May 12, 2008

I cannot wrap my simple brain around this. It is a tragedy on so many levels; everyone feels like their hands are tied unable to help.

I cannot understand why a government would purposely cause its citizens to suffer and die.
What can be done? On a political level? On a human rights level? On a humanitarian level?

The only 'reason' (term used loosely here) that I can fathom the government using is that by receiving aid the people may become stronger, if they allow foreign workers in then they may cause people to 'think' and get 'ideas' and rise up against the regime (which of course, would be terrible...dripping with sarcasm and disgust)

I try to understand how the people in the country feel: they see their children suffering and dying and are helpless to stop it.

They go to the monastery's and the government tells the monks to throw the refugees out..

So I sit and pray, cry, and wish I could do something other than that.


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