Silly Princess

Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the night of the inappropriate bedtime stories another interesting thing happened.

As I was making my rounds getting everything settled for the night I went into Princess's room and noticed an odd sight:

Princess was not wearing a stitch of clothing and was sleeping the wrong way on her bed completely uncovered. Ok whatever I thought, if there is a problem I will certainly hear about it, but no sense borrowing trouble.

As I turned to leave Princess fell out of bed, granted it is all of a six inch fall, but it was enough to startle her. She was doing a half asleep crying whining thing, not at all pleasant but I decided to take her potty and use the opportunity to put some clothes on her.

I pulled out a pair of night nights (pjs) and handed them to her asking her to get dressed. Even half asleep she can have an attitude, she replied: "my body does not want to wear these".

Getting slightly annoyed, I replied, "please tell your body that these are the night nights that are currently available'

Her response... too look at her body and in all seriousness tell it "did you hear that body? Momma said to get used to it"...

She wore them


felicia said...

This made me LOL! So cute!

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