Not Fair

Monday, May 19, 2008

Princess has been so brave, she has taken the antibiotics like such a champ. I am so proud of her, last night she started coughing, a lot. She hardly slept she was coughing so much. Her tummy hurts her throat hurts, she hurts from all of the coughing. This AM she coughed until she threw up and wet her pants, she has not wet her pants in over a year! She was so embarrassed. She looks at me to make her feel better but there is nothing more I can do. Cough syrup, vicks, honey, steam, antibiotics we are doing all of it. All I can do is try and make her comfortable and wait. It is not fair, she does not understand. Why does this happen to such sweet kids who do not understand it?

If I am missing anything that I can do to make her feel better please let me know. I feel so helpless and I cannot cry in front of her.


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

I did hear that giving honey before bed is shown to have the same effect as cough syrup-obviously i would prefer that because then you aren't giving medicine. Don't know if you've tried that or not....

Good luck!

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