thank you B

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I know I complain about my husband an awful lot on here, but today I need to praise him.

Yesterday I had a medical procedure that was supposed to be quick and painless. It wasn't. I was left in terrible pain and bleeding heavily.

My wonderful husband took the kids to his parents house and ate dinner there so I did not have to deal with the noise or cooking, then he went back out and picked up a total chick flick (27 dresses) and McDonald's he remembered my favorites (chipotle wrap and sweet tea) and brought them to me.

Then he cuddled with me and let me rest. During the night he helped with the kids and when I was not feeling that much better today, he even stayed home from work; he wanted to make sure I was ok.

Now I can move with out tears and I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know how blessed I am to have a husband who albeit can be a bit of a man at times, but a husband who loves me and will go out of his way to make me happy.

I love you


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