Guilty Pleasures

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everyone has them. I have more than a few. One I love is ER. I am devastated that this will be the final season of ER. I have watched it since the beginning-- it has made me laugh- made me cry...I have felt for the characters and had my fair share of crushes.

My mother and I did not get along all that well when I was in high school but one thing we could always do was make stove top popcorn and watch ER on Thursday nights. One constant in a very very unstable world.

This show going off the air is like losing a security blanket. There is no good way to describe it. There were so many emotionally intense moments on that show. The writers hit a lot of home runs tapping into human emotion (of course they did pretty crappy sometimes too). I am losing all of 'my' shows. First Friends, then Sex and the City, Alias, and now ER. I am not good at change.

When Dr. Greene died it was arguably the most emotional I have ever been watching TV. I still get teary about it.

The good things about this season? Carter comes back (holy hotness!), Benton comes back, as does Doug Ross (be still my beating heart).... I may just buy the seasons from amazon to help sate my ER cravings.


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