it is going to be a long winter

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The leaves on the tree in my yard are all on the ground.. (the weather turned and much like me at the end of a day dropped everything to rest) the squirrels are burying nuts, the roses are covered in cones-we have had our first frost and flurries- the pumpkins are composting...autumn is here..and quickly leaving in favor of a colder season: Winter.

During the summer the kids get up eat dress and head outside to burn off energy. We frequently do not come back in until dinner favoring a picnic lunch at a park or a pool. Now that it is dark earlier and colder the previous strategy of energy burning is no longer so appropriate.

It is going to be a long winter cooped up with the kids. Already they are itching to get back to playing outside (not that I have an issue with this..but I get it is going to be a long winter of 'please do not run in the house' 'please please use the bat outside' 'the kitty does not want to be carried' 'ali is not a horse'.

This is not to say I do not like winter. I love it. As soon as there is snow. To have cold weather without snow is pointless. But when there is snow I will be right out there with them sledding, skating, building snowmen, shoveling..they will beg me to come in. We are Midwestern-ers.


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