Saving Grace

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My children, My Princess. Princess saved me. A lot to bear for a 4 year old. She is amazing. No idea how to explain the wonder that G-d has brought into my life with her.

Princess took my life and changed my life and my heart and changed its direction. Seeing her for the first time was like putting on a pair of much needed glasses. It was like seeing things for the first time. I resisted...change has never come easy. Slowly I began changing. My heart my soul.. I learned the love of G-d. Having her brought me to G-d. Allowed me to start listening to the small voice. She helped me tear down walls that I had spent so much time putting up. Let me learn to love and be loved. She let me begin to see G-ds worrk in my heart.

So thank you for Princess. Thank you for her exuberance. For her effervescence. For her.


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