In The Center Ring.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The fearless mom...Who tackles indescribable chaos single handed on a daily basis with out losing all of her mind...

Yep that's me. In an attempt (foolish) to consolidate things Princess and Stinky now share a room. Which means they share a bed. Which means they get into a TON of mischief.

Today: Princess broke a shelf that had 50 lb anchors in the wall (considering she only weighs 28 lbs I am intrigued by this feet)

She had a baby powder blizzard on Calico cat (never do you want your four year old to come down stairs and say 'Momma I am really very sorry but...' (by the way we had a previous baby powder at least I had some of the cleaning up tactics down)

Somehow the curtain rod got broken....not sure about this one yet

A lamp got broken again...not sure about it.

And a door jam

Stinky emptied shaving cream on to a dog.. did you know they do not like it and it makes them sick???

My daily routine 4am until 7pm - tea

7pm until momma last call - wine

my house is a circus.


Becca said...

Why would sharing a bed cause more mischief than not sharing a bed?

Just Me said...

because they antagonize each other for sport :)

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