Thursday, November 20, 2008

This happened a little while ago and I have been digesting it for a while.

Motrin ran an add about the aches and pains of babywearing- how it is the 'stylish' thing to do, how it causes back pain, how it is supposedly a great bonding experience, how it makes you and official mom.

Okay...I am all about pretty things and it certainly doesn't hurt that carriers are pretty. They have become something of an accessory for my clothes because I am always wearing someone.

Aside from that I have some pretty significant issues with the wording and the choice to run this add.

One being that it causes pain.. Well not really. at least not to me. I have wrist pain when I just hold the baby...and opposing hip pain from having poor posture. Using carriers allows me to center the baby over me and incorporate her into my balance.

My second and possibly largest issue with the ad campaign is the 'supposedly' a great bonding experience. Well any NICU mom can tell you kangaroo care/preemie wearing is one of the best things you can do for your baby and for you. You help your baby regulate her temperature, breathing, heart rate, you help her gain weight, you help her eat...just by being close to her. You teach her that you are there for her to meet her needs to trust and to depend on. That connection lasts forever.
Some of the best moments of my life have been spent snuggling my preemie in a sling.

As the baby gets older wearing her allows her core to strengthen, challenges her vestibular also reassures her that you are there...that you will take care of her..that security and connection is an awesome bonding experience no 'supposedly' about it.

The other main issue is whether or not it makes you an 'official' mom. Loving your baby makes you an official mom. Nothing else. The immense and indescribable feeling of dedication makes someone an official mom babywearer or not.


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