ode to my dyson

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank you to sister wife for introducing my to a machine that I have grown to love as much and sometimes more than my husband (hey it cleans up...if Brian cleaned up...)

I never new I could love a machine an appliance a symbol of woman's imprisonment in the home as much as I love my dyson. It picks up cat hair, dog hair, bits of things I never knew where there. I am half way between 'eww' and 'cool'.

It is fantastic that it picks up so much but where did it all come from???

I love a clean house...unfortunately my children seem to have decided that clean an 'the H' are never used in the same sentence describing each other. it is nice to have someone on my side even if it is a machine


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

My mom has one and I borrowed it once. Pretty amazing. I'd love to have one too but probably not for a while. it's quite a (good) investment...

felicia said...

Tyson the Dyson has outranked Tim for a while here. Tyson never lets me down. Tyson never does a half-assed job. Tyson pays attention to details.

If that vacuum starts bringing me flowers, Tim had better WATCH OUT. He'd be out the door, and would need to serenade me with mariachis like the feather duster in that Swiffer commercial. "Baybee come back!"

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